esrgeoinformatics with vast expertise in providing the following digital mapping services to various clients across the globe with advanced software and skilled personnel using photogrammetric and / or LiDAR technologies -

  • Aerial Triangulation
  • Stereo compilation.
  • DEM/DTM generation
  • Orthophoto generation.
  • 3D city modeling.
  • Terrestrial mapping.
  • Engineering applications.

Our wide range of photogrammetric services enables us to provide array of top notch solutions with the combination of skilled professionals and state of the art technology.
The stereo compilation project consists of planimetric and topographical feature collection such as buildings, vegetation, transportation networks, hydrological features, utilities etc. Our experience includes the compilation work carries on by using aerial photographs of various photo scales and also by using satellite images of 1m, 2m resolution.

The DEM/DTM helps in flood mapping,ortho generation,3D simulation etc.Our vast experience   involves  collection of hard or soft breaklines and DEM points with various grids like 10,15,20 m etc. for contour generation of  1m,2m,5m,20m and/or orthophoto generation.
We are also expertise in advanced auto correlation to a point where it can provide the required Digital Elevation Model (DEM) for digital orthophotography creation. This allows us to derive a 3D model very quickly and affordably, providing maximum exploitation of imagery captured with digital aerial sensors while providing a basis for orthophotography, terrain modeling, digital elevation models, remote sensing, planimetric mapping, and more.

Online contour (manual contours) which means collection of hydrologic features, major breaklines and digitization of contours manually by using photogrammetric software.Our quality centric approach and domain expertise are evident for customer satisfaction deliverables.

3D City modeling
3D city modeling offers a wide range of data applications for the fields of architecture, surveillance, urban planning, engineering assessment, cultural heritage protection, transportation management. We were well familiar in developing 3D city models which can create by using the input as developed basic maps like orthophotos and DEM/DTMs.

Terrestrial mapping
Our in-house knowledge and experience encompass a broad range of surveying disciplines. In addition to traditional photogrammetry data processing works we also acquainted with internal and exterior measured building surveys, aerial and terrestrial photogrammetry, structural monitoring. Our recent attempt related to this service is providing the necessary stereo plotted data for the preservation of archeological monument. Such services resulted in Orthophotos and Photogrammetric plotting of the fronts of the building and some of the internal details, being created from the images captured in the place and referenced by complementary measurements.

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